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SJMTOC Magic Mushrooms
SJMTOC Mushroom spores and mycelium
SJMTOC Peyote and Mescaline Cactus Cuttings
SJMTOC Mescaline Cacti Seeds
SJMTOC Psychoactive Herbs and Seeds
SJMTOC Natural Ecstasy - Herbal XTC
SJMTOC Herbal stimulants, natural speed
SJMTOC Aphrodisiacs – sex boosters
SJMTOC Marihuana – Marijuana – Cannabis – Hemp Seeds
SJMTOC Products of
SJMTOC Headshop: Pipes, Grinders, Vaporizers & Rolling papers.
SJMTOC After Party, Relaxers, Brain Boosters and Health
SJMTOC Exploring the entheogens

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