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Kratom Premium Commercial Leaves – 250 grams

If you are a price conscious Kratom aficionado, then premium commercial Kratom is the Kratom for you. Premium commercial Kratom is the best deal for cheap Kratom you will find. Premium commercial Kratom is not as potent as our high quality Kratom, but still of good quality. We offer you good quality premium commercial Kratom at rock bottom prices.

Background information:
Kratom (Mytragyna speciosa) is a tree which grows in South East Asia (Mainly in Thailand & Malasia). The use of Kratom leaves has a long history, because of it’s strong stimulating and narcotic qualities. Kratom’s main active substance is mitragyne.

Effects and course of the experience:
At a low dose Kratom gives a stimulating effect. It enhances mental alertness, physical energy and socialability. A drunken feeling can be experienced. Sexual energy can be heightened. Kratom can postpone male orgasme. With high doses Kratom has a relaxing effect on mind and body. Users experience euphoria and a dreamstate between sleep and waking. Music can be experienced more intense. The duration of the experience is 2 – 5 hours.

Not for sale to minors. Do not use in combination with alcohol or drugs. Kratom is not suited for frequent use (maximum twice a month). Keep out of reach of children. Do not use in case of pregnancy. Kratom influences the ability to react: do not partake in traffic or use machinery.

The Kratom that De Sjamaan offers is of exceptional high quality and can not be compared with most other Kratom. Therefore it is advisable to try a low dose on first try.

Dosage & preparation:
7,5 - 15 gram leaves, to be prepared as tea. Boil 11/2 cup water, together with 5 gram Kratom leaves. Keep it boiling on low fire for 15 minutes. When ready, add honey and milk for the bitter taste.

Experiences with Kratom can be read on our forum. Share your experiences with others and post your experience on the forum.

We do not ship Kratom to the following countries:
Thailand, Australia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Denmark, Finland and Lithuania.

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