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We can ship your order with the fast EPS shipping service. This service is only available to the countries listed below. In contrast to shipment with regular airmail, EPS gives you the possibility to track your parcel. You will receive a tracking code enclosed with the email that confirms your order has been shipped. You can use this code to track your parcel at the EPS Website.
The average duration for a parcel to arrive in your country can be found in the following table. Please keep in mind these numbers are merely indications based on our experience, and no rights can be derived from them.

Austria: 3-4 working days
Belgium: 1-2 working days
Bulgaria: 4-5 working days
Czech Republic: 3-5 working days
Denmark: 2-3 working days
Estonia: 4-5 working days
Finland: 3-4 working days
France: 3-4 working days
Germany: 2-3 working days
Hungary: 3-5 working days
Ireland: 2-3 working days
Italy: 4-6 working days
Latvia: 5-6 working days
Lithuania: 4-5 working days
Luxembourg: 2-3 working days
Norway: 2-4 working days
Poland: 3-5 working days
Portugal: 3-5 working days
Romania: 4-5 working days
Slovenia: 3-5 working days
Slovakia: 3-5 working days
Spain: 5-6 working days
Sweden: 2-4 working days
Switzerland: 2-4 working days
UK:3-5 working days

If you live in a country that isn’t listed here, we can send your order with the fast shipping service International Parcel Plus. This service isn’t as fast as EPS and usually doesn’t allow for tracking, but is significantly safer and faster than regular airmail.

If you want us to send your order with fast shipping, simply add “Order Fast Shipping” to your shopping cart.

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