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AMP – 90 capsules

AMP is a very strong energizer, which also helps you to burn some extra kilo’s of fat. This stimulant provides you with an unknown dosage of energy, which is combined with an elevated mood.

Geranamine: This unique ingredient from Geranium oil is the core source of energy in Amp and decreases appetite.
Chocamine: This substance is made of cacao and like Geranamine, it provides, a lot of energy and also decreases the appetite.
Caffeine: This well known substance gives you an immediate energy boost. On top off that, caffeine supports the energizing and appetite suppressing effects of Geranamine and Chocamine.

2 to 4 capsules about 1 hour before the desired effect. Start with 2 capsules to test your sensitivity for AMP.

90 capsules

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