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After E – 10 units

For recovery after the use of XTC. After E contains an combination of the best Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants, Amino Acids and Herbal extracts which will give the human body optimal help on working out toxin, refill body reserves and to protect, so the body will be able to overcome the Ecstasy hang over.

After E contains 3 capsules and 1 tablet:
1 yellow tablet with VITA MAX (1600mg), a powerful high dosed multi vitamin tablet; 2 light brown capsules with after party antioxidants (640mg) and herbal extracts, which de-toxin; 1 white capsule with L-tryptophan (600mg) and amino acids necessary to make serotonin.

Take the day after a party, while you are having your brunch, all of the capsules and the tablet with lots of water.

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