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San Pedro – Trichocereus Pachanoi – 500-1000 grams – 10 cuttings

Mescaline cactus, like San Pedro cause a psychedelic & hallucinogenic perception of reality, which we call a psychedelic trip. Colours become brighter and fixed shapes can move. For example; A wall can breath, the texture of a wall can liquify and everyday objects can become amazingly beautiful. With closed eyes you can see colourful geometric paterns, which move in a 3dimensional way and change their psychedelic shapes. Mostly you will feel an intense connection with your surrounding. A profound connection to nature and the realisation of being one with nature is very common in this psychedelic experience. Mescalin cactus enhance conscious and subconscious feelings. Therefore a trip is an individual experience.

Effecten & course of the experience:
1-2 hours after intake the first psychoactive effects will be noticeable. These psychoactive effects include smooth open eye visuals (OEV’s), a euphoric, physical stimulating feeling and a lot of laughter. About 3-4 hours after intake the effects will reach its peak, which can last for 6-8 hours. During this level of the psychedelic experience you will be surrounded by a visual spectacle and hallucinations. You may feel closely connected with your surroundings and you can reach deep, sincere insights.

300-600 grams of San Pedro mescaline cactus per person. Do not eat the hard inner core, pins and skin. See the section on San Pedro ( 9803 ) for using methods and more information.

Duration of effects:
8-12 hours.

General Information:
How to use:
1. Eat the desired amount of mescaline cactus. The smaller the pieces of mescaline cactus are, the better the active compounds will be absorbed. Chew the mescaline cactus very well.
2. San Pedro cactus is not suited to be smoked.
For other methods of using the San Pedro mescalin cactus please see the mescaline cactus forum of drugs-forum.

What to do when the effects are too overwhelming:
Breathing deep and calm and a change of surrounding and music may be helpful. In case of overdose, alert a Medical Doctor. Realize that the effects will pass.

Mescaline cacti are not suitable for persons under 18. Mescaline cactus is not suitable for persons with psychological problems or a psychiatric past. Do not combine mescaline cactus with alcohol, medicines or drugs. Keep mescaline cactus out of reach of children! Mescaline cactus influences the ability to react: do not partake in traffic or operate machinery.

Important factors for a good trip:
1) Do not use San Pedro if you’re underage.
2) Only use San Pedro if you feel good, both mentally and physically. As the effects of mescaline cactus can address unresolved issues, do not trip while down or depressed. Tripping while physically ill is not a good idea.
3) Be aware of possible confrontations with yourself, in other words; with your sub-conscious, ignored feelings, non processed situations of life or fears. Make sure you can surrender to the experience and confront these feelings.
4) Do not use San Pedro at parties or other hectic occasions. Use mescaline cactus in a trusted, quiet environment. At home or in nature.
5) Do not use San Pedro after a night of partying or binge. Take your time for the psychedelic trip and make sure you have no obligations the following day.
6) Only trip on mescaline cactus with good friends, with whom you can be yourself and who you trust. On your first psychedelic trip it is wise to be guided by an experienced user of San Pedro, you feel at ease with.
7) Make sure you know what you can expect from San Pedro before, read up on what is to be expected. Besides experiences from friends, there are many good books and internet sites, which provide excellent info.

Experiences with San Pedro and other mescaline cacti can be read on our forum. Share your experiences with others and post your experience on the forum.

This mescaline cactus is unprocessed. This mescaline cactus is not controlled by the Dutch opium act nor by the U.N. conventions.

10 San Pedro cuttings of 500-1000 grams.

We do not ship this product to the following countries:
Italy, Australia, Canada and Switserland.

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