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Lophophora Williamsii – Peyote cacti – 1 to 2 years old – 5 cacti

This wholly mescaline cactus is the most famous psychedelic of the Native American Indians and used for centuries in their mystical ceremonies. Peyote contains a wide variety of alkaloids among which, mescaline and will provide a very deep and earthly trip Lophophora Williamsii ( Peyote) is the slowest growing cactus of this earth and an investment for the future; it will only be ready for consumption after a decade. Wild crafted.
Note! Peyote needs to be about 15 to 20 years old to be ready for consumption. So you have to grow this mescaline cactus for many, many years.

Living plant. Serves 0.
See also section 9803a (rooting and growing from cactus cuttings). See also 1404 .

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