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Hawaiian Baby Woodrose – Madagascar – extra strong – 200 seeds

This extra strong variety of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose will bring you a full blown psychedelic experience even after intake of a few seeds…

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose causes a psychedelic & hallucinogenic perception of reality, which we call a trip. Hawaiian Baby Woodrose enhances conscious and subconscious feelings. Therefore a trip is an individual experience.

Background information on Hawaiian Baby Woodrose:
Argyreia nervosa originally comes from Indonesia and Sri Lanka and has ayurvedic applications since ancient times. Was also used as a replacement for cannabis and as an aphrodisiac. Nowadays Hawaiian Baby Woodrose is mainly used for its psychedelic properties, due to the active substance LSA.

Effects and course of the experience of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose:
The first effects can be noticed within 15 to 120 minutes. The effects can be compared with LSD, although the trip and the visual effects will be much milder. The trip will cause a sort of dreamlike state, characterized by a feeling of mental emptiness, combined with a feeling of understanding how the world works and a feeling of connection with other persons. Thoughts are moving quickly and you can get hurled from one to another pleasant memory. Distortion of time can occur. Some effects are comparable with alcohol; a silly, joyful feeling can be felt and an unsteady walk and slurry speech may occur. Visual effects like bright colored patterns, beautifully colored visions with a mystical character may be seen. The tiredness which will increase during the trip, will result in a deep and often peaceful sleep. Depending upon the dosage, the effects will last for 6 to 10 hours.

Please note: There are two different varieties of Woodrose (Hawaiian Baby Woodrose ans Hawaiian Baby Woodrose – Madagascar – extra strong). Please, check carefully what you have bought.
Hawaiian Baby Woodrose – Madgascar – Extra Strong: The dosage for this variety is 2-5 seeds.

How to use Hawaiian Baby Woodrose:
Grind the desirable amount of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds to a fine powder. Mix the powder with cold water. Leave this covered for a minimum of 12 hours. After 12 hours the active substance, LSA, will bind to water. Filter the liquid through a paper coffee filter. Drink the cold extract.
Other preparation and extraction methods for Hawaiian Baby Woodrose can be found on our forum.

What to do when the effects are too overwhelming:
Breathing deep and calm and a change of surrounding and music may be helpful. In case of overdose, alert a MD.

Side-Effects of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose:
Some persons experience nausea, vomiting and stomach cramps. Hawaiian Baby Woodrose can cause sleepiness.

How to decrease side effects:
- By adding sugar to the liquid
- By consuming a small amount of hard liquor, like one tea spoon of 80% rum, to numb the stomach.
- By consuming Norit (activated carbon from the pharmacy) before intake of the liquid one can decrease potential side effects on the bowels.
- By intake of fat: the speed the liquid goes through the intestines can be increased by eating something fat, e.g. some ice cream with whipped cream. This decreases chance on bowel problems like diarrhea.

Not for sale to minors. Not suitable for persons with psychological problems or a psychiatric past. Do not use in case of epilepsy, liver problems or hepatitis. Do not use during pregnancy and/or nursing. Hawaiian Baby Woodrose influences the ability to react: do not partake in traffic or operate machinery.

Important factors for a good trip on Hawaiian Baby Woodrose:
1. Do not use Hawaiian Baby Woodrose if you’re under aged.
2. Only use Hawaiian Baby Woodrose if you feel good, both mentally and physically. As these seeds can address unsolved issues, do not trip while down. Tripping while physically ill is not a good idea.
3. Be aware of possible confrontations with yourself, in other words; with your sub-conscious, ignored feelings, non processed situations of life or fears. Make sure you can surrender to the experience and confront this feelings.
4. Do not use Hawaiian Baby Woodrose at parties or other hectic occasions. Use these seeds in a trusted, quiet environment. At home or in nature.
5. Do not use Hawaiian Baby Woodrose after a night of partying or binge. Take your time for the trip and make sure you have no obligations the following day.
6. Only trip with good friends, with whom you can be yourself and who you trust. On your first trip it is wise to be guided by an experienced user of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose., you feel at ease with.
7. Make sure you know what you can expect from Hawaiian Baby Woodrose before, read up on what is to be expected. Besides experiences from friends, there are many good books and internet sites, which provide excellent info.

Experiences with Hawaiian Baby Woodrose can be read on our forum. Share your experiences with others and post your experience on the forum.

200 seeds

We do not ship Hawaiian Baby Woodrose to the following countries: Italy, Norway, Australia and Russian Federation.

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