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De Sjamaan Injectable Growkit – 1 Liter – 20 units

The new “de Sjamaan Injectable Growkit” suitable for all grain loving, edible mushrooms, such as, for example oyster or shi-take mushrooms.

The spore syringe for the mushrooms of your choice needs to be ordered separately.

The Sterile substrate in the bag contains sterilised Rye grain, vermiculite and water. The reason that we have combined the vermiculite directly with the grain is that by doing this we cut out the possibility of infection during the handling of the colonised grain when it is set up to start fruiting into the mushrooms of choice.
Normally the vermiculite is used as a top layer, put on top of the colonised grain, but this always brings a great risk of infecting the colonised grain with an other fungus, as you would need to handle the mycelium with your hands. This will be avoided completely because of the mixture. There is no need to put a top layer on the mycelium anymore.
By Introducing this new mixture of rye grain with vermiculite, we greatly reduce the risk of infections because the first time that you will actually touch the medium with your hands will be when you harvest the first mushrooms. Not before that. And if you do the harvesting in a clean environment and use gloves you reduce the chances of infection a lot.

The Filter patch on the bag is 99% proof, so the chances of infection are very small. We guarantee the sterile medium to remain sterile for a minimum of 1 month, if stored in the dark and in a place that has a constant temperature. When the bag has been injected with the spores this guarantee is not valid anymore. It is not needed to keep the kit refrigerated as long as there are as little temperature fluctuations as possible.

The self healing injection patch has an extra, second layer of protection, so that the chances of infection after injecting the spores are reduced to a minimum. After the needle of the spore syringe is retracted from the patch, it will close itself with in a few seconds. It, however, remains very important to make sure that you handle the bag with the substrate always in a clean environment to reduce chances of infection even more.

When testing the “de Sjamaan Injectable Growkit” we have injected over 100 kits and have had no infections at all. All kits colonised with the mycelium of the mushrooms of our choice without a single infection. Tests also have been done with kits stored in proper environment for up to 4 months, without injecting them, and we have not had a single infection of the sterile grain mixture.

Instruction to the use of the new Sjamaan Sterile Grow Kit, suitable for edible mushrooms:

Contents of the Kit:
1 grow tray black, sterile medium in a filter patch bag with a self healing injection patch, 2 paperclips.

- Remove the cap from the syringes needle, des-infect the needle by holding it into a gas flame for a few seconds.
- Cool the needle down by pushing a drop of liquid out of the syringe.
- Push, directly after the drop falls off, the needle through the black injection patch on the side of the bag.
- Make sure the needle goes all the way through the injection patch, but watch out, pushing to deep can puncture the other side of the bag causing an opening, through which an infection could come into your medium.
- Empty the spore syringe into the bag. It is possible to inoculate more than one bag with one syringe but it will take longer for the medium to be completely colonised by the mycelium. If you use the syringe on more bags it is important to des-infect the syringe in the same way as above, each time you pull it out of a bag and before you use it on another bag. 1 syringe of 10 ml is enough for maximum 3 bags. (the results of 1 syringe to one bag are better and faster)
- IMPORTANT: dispose of the used syringe in a safe manner, please make sure syringes can not fall into the hands of children or irresponsible adults. Also make sure that nobody can hurt themselves on disposed syringes. Please be extremely self-conscious and aware in this matter.
- Put the injected bag of medium in the black tray, put this back in the box and close the box.
- Place the closed box in a warm place, the optimal temperature for the mycelium to grow is 26 to 28 degrees C. Make sure the temperature is as constant as possible.
- After about 1 week the first growth of mycelium will become visible. You can peek in now and then to see how it is growing but make sure you place the bag back into the tray each time and place it back in the dark
- Wait until the mycelium is fully grown through the medium, all the material in the bag will be white. This can take some time, with optimal temperature around 6 weeks. How long it takes also depends on the variety of mushrooms you are growing.
- When the “All White” Stage has been reached, cut open the bag directly below the top.
- Spray the top of the mycelium with a few millimetres of clean water, it is best to boil water first and let it cool down.
- Close the top of the bag by folding the opening double 2 times and hold in place with the paperclips.
- Place your grow kit in the light, do not expose to direct sunlight, and make sure the temperature is around 22 to 24 degrees. Fluctuation in temperature between day and night is not a problem, but the more constant the temperature, the more regular your mushrooms will grow.
- In about 10 days the first mushrooms will start to grow, but be patient, it might take longer than that.
- Mushrooms need to be harvested just as the caps start to open. Do not wait until they are completely open, because when they ripen and start spraying spores the next harvests will get affected by that, and the amount of mushrooms you can harvest from your kit will be a lot less.
- Harvesting goes the easiest by taking each mushroom, at the bottom of the stem, between your thumb and forefinger and make a twisting movement. In that way the mushroom comes loose from the mycelium very easy, without damaging the mycelium for further growth of new mushrooms.
- After each harvest , spray some fresh water again inside the bag and close the same way, the next harvest will come in another 7 to 10 days , etc etc.

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