Marihuana – Marijuana – Cannabis – Hemp Seeds

We are proud that we may provide you with Marijuana seeds of the highest quality. From these seeds you can grow hemp plants easily and after few months you may enjoy the abundant yield of your home grown cannabis plants. Let the hemp seeds germinate

Important Note!
In some countries marijuana (marihuana, hemp, cannabis) seeds may be illegal. We do not ship marijuana seeds to these countries. See 9941 (Disclaimer & Embargo: which products we do not ship to which countries) for more info...

We do not ship cannabis seeds to: Algeria, Afghanistan, Australia, Bahrein, Bangladesh, Belarus, Egypt, France, Germany, Indonesia, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Lebanon, Malaysia, Omar, Oman, Palestine, Palestine State, Sudan, Syria, Thailand, Quatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates.

SJMTOC De Sjamaan Cannabis Seeds
SJMTOC De Sjamaan Feminised Seeds (Cannabis - Marihuana Seeds)
SJMTOC De Sjamaan Autoflowering Seeds (Cannabis - Marihuana Seeds)

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