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Victory 30 cm – Yellow

Joker Tools bongs are hand-crafted from high quality acrylic. Because of the popularity of these bongs manufacturers try to copy them, but with no success. The fake bongs are manufactured of low quality acrylic and the colors are less bright. We offer you the real Joker Tools.
Joker Tools acrylic bongs need to be cleaned by using a pipe cleaner. Never use a brush, because the nylon hair of the brush will damage the acrylic.

Victory consists of 2 compartments. Fill up the first compartment with water. Smoke flows through hoses into the second compartment and can be inhaled. The pipe head is made of metal.
Height: 30 cm
Material: high quality acrylic
Color of Star in the picture: yellow

Available colors:
Ice Blue (transparent), Light Blue, Dark Blue, Night Blue, Light Green, Dark Green, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Wine Red, Black

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