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Shaman's High – 12 marijuana seeds

This cannabis plant is a combination of Master Widow and Northern Light. Be careful; this Marijuana variety gives a very strong stoned effect. Shaman's high was formerly known as Starlight.

Highlife cup 2006 2nd prize Seeds hydro

o Type: Northern Light X Master Widow.
o Indoor flowering: 50 - 60 days.
o Indoor yield: up to 500 grams per m².
o Outdoor flowering time: May / June to October.
o Height: 75 - 175 cm.
o Buzz: Very strong stone. Can you handle it?
o Taste/Smell: Soft & subtle sweetness.
o Winner of one Highlife Cannabis cup

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Important Note!
In some countries marijuana (marihuana, hemp, cannabis) seeds may be illegal. We do not ship marijuana seeds to these countries. See 9941 (Disclaimer & Embargo: which products we do not ship to which countries) for more info...

We do not ship cannabis seeds to: Algeria, Afghanistan, Australia, Bahrein, Bangladesh, Belarus, Egypt, France, Germany, Indonesia, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Lebanon, Malaysia, Omar, Oman, Palestine, Palestine State, Sudan, Syria, Thailand, Quatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates.

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