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Pipe Molino – Spoon – Zig Zag

The Molino Spoon Pipes are inside/out work, made out of heavy-wall Pyrex Glass and are a durable, high quality product. They come in a wide variety of forms and designs; each image shows only a sample of what is available.
Style: Zig-Zag
Every peace is unique in its shape and colour composition.
Pyrex Glass, inside-out work
Size: ca. 10 cm
Weight: ca. 60 gr.

Pyrex TM
A brand name for any of a class of hypo-allergenic, heat- and chemical-resistant glassware products of varying composition traditionally used for cooking or scientific purposes, now also being used by consumers for Decorative Art, Functional Art, Smoking Pipes, Body and Hair Jewellery. Pyrex glass is remarkably tough and easy to clean, but dropping a piece may occasionally break or crack it; it is still glass. Besides the obvious care when dealing with any functional glass item, fast temperature changes (from very hot to cold, very cold to very hot) may cause your piece to break. Pyrex is designed to withstand very high temperatures. Even though Pyrex will probably survive rapid temperature shifts, we strongly advise against it.

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