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The Vapo2 – Smoke Bubble

The Vapo2® is a fragile instrument made of Pyrex®. Treat the glass carefully, don’t exert excessive force. The Vapo2® is meant to release only the aromatic constituents without CO, CO2 or NH3. Please read the user instructions carefully before using the Vapo2®.

Vaporization occurs when the active ingredients of herbs and oils are released into a gaseous state (vapor) by applying heat. With the right usage of the Vapo2®, unburned material is all that remains.

User instructions:
1. Open the Vapo2® carefully, by taking off the blue cap. Use only a very small amount of material; as much as fits on the tip of a knife.
2. Keep a lighter very close to the bubble so that only the blue part of the flame touches the bubble. Keep flame 7 to 10 seconds in this position while slightly shaking the Vapo2®.
3. Hold the Vapo2® against a light background to see a slightly grey vapor appearing. Stop heating the bubble when the first vapor appears; don’t get material burnt to prevent carbon monoxide and tar forming.
4. Inhale the vapor through the glass stem.
5. When needed, carefully clean the Vapo2® by soaking it some time in water with detergent. Rinse and if necessary carefully wipe remainings of the glass. Dry afterwards.

The Vapo2® is for aromatherapy purposes only and is not intented for use with tobacco.

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