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Dragon Vap 600 Vaporizer

For those of you who prefer not to smoke we have a solution; finally a way to get our THC where we need it to be with no burning and no smoke! The rush of the high instead of the heavy stone of smoke will inspire you to be creative and active instead of lounging about doing nothing and people who use marihuana for medicinal reasons are delighted with the Dragon Vap Vaporiser.
The DragonVap is extremely easy to use and can be assembled for action in 3 simple steps.
As it works on gas it can be taken everywhere and used discretely. It’s also inexpensive! Everyone can afford a Dragon Vap!
Once people see the Dragon Vap in action it sells itself. Different to bongs, joints and pipes the novelty value will enthrall curious customers and the effects will convince them all of its value; everybody wins!

Operating instructions:
Unscrew the filling cup from the tube and fill with your normal dose. Ensure that the screw thread is free of cannabis. Screw the tube back onto the cup and click it into place on the Dragon Vap.
Pull the ribbed compartment open and carefully insert the lighter. Heat the ceramic part for about 1 minute.
You’re ready for your first hit.
Inhale the vapour through the clear plastic tube and hold it as long as you can in your lungs.
The result will be noticed immediately!
Repeat the procedure. For the next hit you won’t need to heat the ceramic for as long as it’s still warm from the last time.
Next, click the tube loose from the Dragon Vap and unscrew the cup. Turn the cup upside down and tap the cannabis out. You will see that you really have only consumed the THC and that the herb hasn’t been burned.

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