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Share The Pipe 3 - black

After a big success of the first two generations, now there’s Share The Pipe 3, the latest generation of this fabulous smoking instrument.
High quality materials, a striking design, a sturdy appearance, a clever smoking technology; are some of the many ways to describe this great pipe.
Share The Pipe 3 features a titanium core with a wonderful internal cooling system, which ensures the delivery of a cooled and smooth smoke. On top of this there’s a built-in tar catcher within the mouthpiece.

Share The Pipe 3 can be unscrewed very easily for cleaning.
To be cleaned, Share The Pipe 3 can be soaked in alcohol or boiled in water without any adverse effect on the quality of the materials.

Each variety is limited to 1000 pipes.
Each pipe is individually marked and numbered on the bottom of the pipe.

Color of Share The Pipe (picture): black
Contents: Share The Pipe in a sturdy and protective tin with a certificate.

Available colors: black, chrome, stainless steel (brushed metal)

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