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Go as deep as you dare.
Is the one-hit of the Better-Bat not enough for you? Do you want more? Then here is the Twistapipe. Twistapipe is the pipe that lets you choose the depth of the pipe head and thus determine yourself the amount you smoke. Using the Twistapipe is simple; a quick twist to lock… load… burn… and eject. The pipe is ready for another load.
How to use:
Determine the depth of the bowl by pulling the mouthpiece tube downwards. Rotate the tube with the logo around the head to the desired depth and secure. Fill the Twistapipe cup with the mixture of your choice and the pipe is ready for use. Ash is easily ejected from the pipe by pushing the tube with the mouthpiece little by little upwards. Smoke the Twistapipe until the last bit of mixture has been burned and push the ashes out of the pipe. The twistapipe is ready for the next use.
Twistapipe works best when using dry, fine tobacco or herbs. Not suitable for rolling tobacco.

SJMTOC Twistapipe - black
SJMTOC Twistapipe - blue
SJMTOC Twistapipe - gold
SJMTOC Twistapipe - green
SJMTOC Twistapipe - gray
SJMTOC Twistapipe - purple
SJMTOC Twistapipe - red
SJMTOC Twistapipe - silver

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