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After several years of extensive research and contact with some of the best experts in the world of Cannabis, as well as numerous questions from our loyal customers, “De Sjamaan Cannabis Seeds” seed bank is proud to present 2 new seed lines to you, “De Sjamaan Feminised Seeds” and “De Sjamaan Autoflowering Seeds” .

We realize that we are not one of the first to present feminised and autoflowering seeds, but we certainly strive to be one of the best.

We, at “De Sjamaan Seed banks”, believe that with the careful selection of 9 unique feminised and 3 autoflowering seed strains we are presenting 2 world class seed banks.

Our HIGH quality Feminised and Autoflowering seeds are grown specially for us by some of the best growers in the world.

The regular seeds from “De Sjamaan Cannabis Seeds” have been winning numerous prizes at the different Cannabis Cups and we are convinced that these new seed strains will add many more prizes to our prize collection.

NOW available for you to discover the power and quality of these NEW and Magical strains.

Important Note!
In some countries marijuana (marihuana, hemp, cannabis) seeds may be illegal. We do not ship marijuana seeds to these countries. See 9941 (Disclaimer & Embargo: which products we do not ship to which countries) for more info...

We do not ship cannabis seeds to: Algeria, Afghanistan, Australia, Bahrein, Bangladesh, Belarus, Egypt, France, Germany, Indonesia, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Lebanon, Malaysia, Omar, Oman, Palestine, Palestine State, Sudan, Syria, Thailand, Quatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates.

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