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How to harden and grow your Salvia Divinorum Tissue Culture:

With hardening we mean the removal of your Salvia Divinorum tissue culture plant out of the tube and planting the Salvia Divinorum tissue culture plant.
Most important is that the Salvia Divinorum plant should not dry out.
Besides that, it is important that the Salvia Divinorum plant gets enough light. A good place to grow the Salvia Divinorum plant is behind a north facing window. In winter you can best use a fluorescent light at a distance of about 15-20 cm above the Salvia Divinorum plant, because there not enough daylight during the winter.

1.You will receive your Salvia Divinorum tissue culture in a tube which is closed with a special tape, which lets air trough.
2.Remove the tape and remove the top of the tube.
3.Cut the tube open carefully with scissors to remove the Salvia Divinorum from the tube. Try to touch and/or damage the Salvia Divinorum plant and its roots as little as possible.
4.As you can see, the grow medium (agar) is still attached to the roots. Before planting the Salvia Divinorum plant, the roots need to be clean.
5.Wash the agar from the roots, under gently flowing lukewarm water,
6.If the roots are not totally clean, that could cause problems like mould in a later state.
7.Plant your Salvia Divinorum plant in a pot with slightly moist soil. Press the soil gently and give a little water. You can use any standard potting soil.
8. Place a transparent plastic bag over the pot and close this with a rubber band. Put the Salvia Divinorum plant in a warm (20 °C) and light place, but not in the sun! Once every 3-4 days, remove the bag and spray the Salvia Divinorum plant with water, this is the best way to keep the Salvia Divinorum plant damp. After about a week you will see new growth.
9. After some 3 weeks the Salvia Divinorum plant will be growing nicely. Now you have the choice to keep the Salvia Divinorum plant in a humid environment (Humidity tent) or to slowly harden it to living room conditions. This you can do by punching a few holes in the plastic bag every day. In that way you will lower the humidity slowly, and the Salvia Divinorum plant gets used to this. When black edges on the leaves of the Salvia Divinorum plant appear this usually has to do with a (too) low humidity.
At the beginning new growth is often a bit skinny and thin. By cutting off the growth tips you can create a stronger and more bushy Salvia Divinorum plant.

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