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All about ordering, paying and shipping

See also 9941 (Disclaimer & Embargo: which products we do not ship to which countries)

How to Order?
(1) To add a product to your shopping card just click the Add to shopping list icon. This icon is at left side below each product description. (2) To view and modify your shopping list, just click the View shopping list icon on the right side just below each product description. (3) Complete your order by filling in your email address and your name. Click the Confirm button. (4) After you have completed your order you will receive an email within a few minutes. This email confirms your order and explains how to pay your order.

How to Pay?

You may pay your order
- CASH: bank transfer

If you have any more questions about this, don’t hesitate to contact us at shippingATsjamaan.com.

The way you pay and the way of shipping determines the delivery time of your order. After payment is received, we will ship either the same (working) day or the next.
The time bank transfers take to reach us is dependent on your bank.

Transfer money to:
IBAN NL31INGB0005326508 (International Bank Account Number)
BIC INGBNL2A (Bank International Code / Swift code)

ING Bank NV (name of bank)
Amstelveenseweg 500, (bank address)
1081 KL Amsterdam
Nederland (Netherlands)

5326508 (account number)
DES Financial Services (Company)
Celsiusweg 24 A
6662PX Elst
The Netherlands

NOTE! Mention the order-reference number!

All prices are in EUROS and United States Dollars (USD). The shopping list will give an order total in USD and EURO. We charge credit cards of customers from EC countries in EURO. All other countries we charge US-Dollars.

(1) After we have received your payment, or checked your credit card, we'll make your order ready for shipping.
(2) We ship orders Monday to Friday. Fresh goods are shipped Monday to Wednesday.
(3) We ship by priority airmail, EPS & FedEx (see also 9901 - fast EPS & FedEx Shipping)...
(4) Airmail will take 2 to 15 days (depending on where you are located). EPS will take 1 to 5 days and FedEx will take 1 to 2 days. This is under normal conditions.
(5) This means that an order will arrive at your place in 4 to 22 days, with an average of 10 days. This depends a lot on the way you pay.

(!) When a product happens to be out of stock, we hold your order until the product is in stock again. Why? Because we don’t want to disappoint you with an incomplete delivery. By the way, we try to prevent this by marking products as out-of-stock on our site (so it’s impossible to order them).
(!) You order will always arrive unless it’s illegal in your country. In that case customs may intercept it. If the product is legal in your country or state we give you an unconditional guarantee that the products will arrive. If it’s not legal in your country or state or if customs decides to confiscate anyway, it is your risk that a product will not arrive! See also 9941 (disclaimer & embargo).
(!) We appreciate it when you email us when your order has arrived. Please post your experience with our products on our forum.

We don’t sell, lease or give your data to anybody. You can count on it. Our ordering system is based on a secure server.

Contact Xoch for questions and info about the web sites and online ordering:


Fax: + 31-(0)26-8450729
Phone: +31-(0)6-38377426 (Monday – Thursday 9:00 – 13:00 Central European Time / CET)

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